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Captain George Tipler
Chief Flying Instructor

George was educated in Nairobi and Accra and majored in Cartography and Psychology at Oxford Brookes. He started out with a PPL/A from Nairobi Kenya whilst still at school and went on to become a full time career professional pilot.
RAF 'wings' took him to fixed-wing Command with the Airlines serving Europe on BAe146 and Avro RJ where he spent 16 years as Captain. He then spent a further 6 years as Training Captain at Humberside on the Jetstream J41 simulator on which he is still qualified. His first love however is Rotary and RN Rotary wings took him to command on the North Sea with Super Pumas, Dauphin and SK76. He has an impressive record of more than 35 years as Training Captain in the UK on different types such as AS332L, SA365, SA341 Gazelle, SK76, Bell 206, Bell 47&T, En28, H269, R22 & R44 and became the youngest ever commercial helicopter pilot instructor in the early 80's. He is an authorised CAA Helicopter examiner and Flight Instructor. With his family based in Lincolnshire his special interests include - supporting 3 children and audiology.
He has his own audiological business AllHear Ltd which specialises in hearing assessments and microsuction (ear wax removal).



Captain Tim Kingsley
Flying Instructor
/Ground Examiner

CPL(H), FI(H), CPL(A), FI(A)

H269, R22, R44, UH12

Tim started flying fixed wing aircraft in 1989 gaining his commercial licence in 2000. He then came to his senses and realised his life-long dream leaving his successful production company to become a helicopter pilot. Tim embarked on rotary training in 2001 gaining his commercial licence in 2007 and his instructor rating shortly thereafter. Tim is a keen cyclist, walker and musician although struggles with all three at the same time.


Captain John Spring


R22, R44, H269, B206, S333,

John has enjoyed a long and extensive career in helicopters including various roles and duties including pipeline inspections, charter work, instructing and examining. He has held positions as a Chief Pilot, Training Captain and Head of Training. John’s spare time is taken up with martial arts, squash, riding bikes and spending time with his family.