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Virage Helicopter Academy are pleased

to announce that we've moved into

our fabulous new bespoke premises.

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The JAR-FCL 2 PPL(H) Syllabus

1 Familiarisation with the helicopter
2 Preparation before and action after flight.
3 Air Experience
4 Effects of Controls
5 Power and Attitude Changes
6 Level Flight, climbing and descending and turning
7 Autorotations
8 Hovering And Hover Taxying
9 Take Off And Landing
10 Transitions from hover to climb and approach to hover
11 Circuits and Emergencies
12 First Solo
13 Sideways and Backwards hover manoeuvring
14 Spot Turns
15 Hover Out Of Ground Effect and Vortex Ring
16 Simulated Engine Off Landings
17 Advanced Autorotations
18 Practice Forced Landings
19 Steep Turns
20 Transitions
21 Quick Stops
22 Navigation
23 Advanced Take Offs, Landings and Transitions
24 Sloping Ground
25 Limited Power
26 Confined Areas
27 Basic Instrument Flying