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PPL(H) Ground School

The ground school element of the PPL(H) course forms an important part in developing your knowledge and skills that you will require as a pilot. You will be given a brief before each flight explaining the theory behind each exercise. For this we use a mixture of board briefs and our own developed PowerPoint presentation.

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There are seven ground exams that need to be passed in order to gain your PPL(H) as follows:

1.Aviation Law and Operational Procedures
2.Human Performance and Limitations
3.Navigation and Radio Aids
5.Aircraft (general) and Principles of Flight
6.Flight Performance and Planning
7.Radio Communications written

Some people are able to pass these exams (to the required level of 75% minimum pass mark) by devoting the large amount of self study time at home and then sitting the exams. Others need a little help to move things on and the team at Virage Helicopter Academy are happy to help with this by offering both tailored ground school as well as regular subject sessions in the form of evening classes.

In addition an oral Radio Telephony (RT) examination needs to be passed during which you will demonstrate the correct use of the radio. This can be carried out locally and we will assist you with this towards the end of your PPL(H) course. You will develop your skills in this area as you progress through your training.