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Virage Helicopter Academy are pleased

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our fabulous new bespoke premises.

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300CBi Equipment

Standard Equipment

Airframe and Control Systems
• Three-bladed, fully articulated main rotor
• Elastometric main rotor dampers
• Dual controls, right-hand PIC
• Collective friction control
• Electric cyclic trim, two axis
• Tubular skid-type landing gear
• Offset anti-torque pedals
• Booted Oleo landing gear dampers
Powerplant, Systems and Instruments
• Lycoming HIO-360-G1A engine
• Engine oil pressure indicator
• Splined main rotor drive shaft with lift ring
• Engine oil temperature indicator
• 32.5 gallon fuel tank
• Cylinder head temperature indicator
• Fuel shut-off valve
• Fuel quantity indicator
• Fuel flow oil filter, remotely mounted
• Ammeter
• Upstack exhaust installation
• Low fuel warning light
• Airspeed indicator
Avionics and Electrical System
• KY96A comm transceiver
• Internal and external night lights with strobe beacons
• ACK A-30 blind encoder
• Modular electrical harness
• GTX 320 transponder
• Cyclic mounted radio frequency scrolling switch
• Accessory plug
• Lead acid battery
• Light weight, high torque starter
• 70 amp alternator
• Circuit breaker protection
• Switchable hot mic system
Cabin Accessories
• Adjustable ventilation system
• Pilot map light
• Clear cabin door windows
• Two-seat cushioned interior
• Circular air scoop vents on doors
• Gray rubber floor mat
• Tinted canopy windows
• Lap belts and shoulder harnesses
• Glove box
• Single latch doors

Optional Equipment

Utility and Convenience Options
• Cabin cover
• Cargo hook installation
• Cargo rack
• Cyclic grip, special
• Door openers, pneumatic
• Doors, triple latch
• Elastometric teeter bearings
• Exhaust diffuser on up-stack
• External APU receptacle
• Fire extinguisher, dry chemical
• Fire extinguisher, halon
Avionics Options
• ADF receiver, KR87 with K1227-00
• Attitude gyro
• Audio panel, intercom, King KMA24-H-71
• Clock, electrical
• Comm/GPS Garmin GNC 420
• Comm/GPS Garmin GNC 420A
• Comm/GPS, moving map, Garmin GNC 250XL
• Comm transceiver, Apollo SL40
• Comm transceiver, KY196A
• Compass-vertical card, overhead
• Dimmer assembly, supplemental
• Directional gyro
• ELT, EBC, 502
• Fan, avionics cooling
• Headset, David Clark H10-56
• Intercom foot switch
• First aid kit
• Fuel system, auxiliary (64 gallon)
• Grease fitting, short shaft
• Heater, muff
• Hobbs meter, landing gear contact switch
• Landing lights, two or three position
• Left-hand PIC (three-seat configuration)
• Map Case
• Skid shoes, extra heavy duty
• Windows, sliding glass
• Intercom, NATAA80
• Intercom, NATAA83 stereo
• Intercom, NATAA85
• Marker beacon, KR21
• Master avionics switch
• NAV/COMM, KX155-39 with KI208 CDI
• NAV/COMM/GS, KX155-43 with KI209 indicator
• Slaved compass, KCS55A with HIS, with heading XMTR
• Transponder, Garmin GTX330 (mode s)
• Transponder, Garmin GTX 327
• Transponder, KT76A-11
• Turn coordinator